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Steve Green Has A Revolutionary Energy Plan

Steve Green has a plan to save the planet by tapping into the geothermal power of Yellowstone National Park's caldera. According to Green's research, the 10,000 geothermal pockets within the 1,580-square-mile area that make up the caldera have the potential to generate enough electricity to power the entire planet. While the United States currently uses about 4 trillion kilowatts annually, the energy produced from just 3 percent of the caldera via steam generators would provide 10 trillion kilowatts a year. The power potential is so huge and yet so achievable within a decade's time. Green is challenging President-elect Obama to take immediate action, explore this energy-saving proposal, and reduce the U.S. carbon footprint by at least 85 percent within 10 years.

Green, a true problem-solver, having spent over a decade researching and developing this plan, says, "Our new president understands the grave situation, so I'm challenging him to examine this solution, which is available and attainable right in America's backyard -- with positive environmentalimpact."

With Green's plan, the geothermal energy will travel throughout a totally rebuilt power grid and made available for consumers' home use, including electric automobiles and trains. Millions of jobs result from recreating the power grid while revitalizing the automobile and steel industry. Initially,the energy directly benefits the U.S., and then is sold to Canada, Mexico, South America and perhaps even Russia. Green believes the massive revenue generated would free the U.S. of its dependence on foreign oil, as well as resolve deficit issues and provide full funding for entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

"Properly run, this plan would completely reverse the economic downturn with prosperity beyond our wildest dreams," Green explains. "The money made from selling this geothermal power will save our education system and help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure."

"Boone Pickens is right," Green continues. "We should rebuild the powergrid and link to his wind farms until the caldera power comes online." Green hopes to sit down with Pickens and Al Gore to discuss his plan and unite their energy problem-solving efforts.

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